About Jessica

My illustrious lordship, I’ll show you what a woman can do.
— Artemisia Gentileschi

Jessica Robinson is an oil and acrylic painter interested in the almost imperceptible connections between humans and the natural world.

Her intention is to allow each piece to evolve over time, building layer upon nuanced layer with the fragments of each informing those above. Materials begin to influence the organic concept of the work as her process becomes an exploration of mark-making with brushes, palette knives, washes, sticks and fingers.

The revealed remnants of obscured human narratives and natural symbols will endlessly fascinate her, as well as the intersection of process and playfulness bringing the viewer closer to discovering their own personal story within each image.

She currently lives and maintains a studio in Madison, Mississippi.

> Additionally, she is currently available for new Creative Consultation and Digital Design/Development opportunities.